It’s this easy to put a slipcover on an IKEA sofa

“How hard is it to put a slipcover on?”

Newsflash: It actually isn’t. While the process may seem intimidating, it’s one of those things that you do once and will never forget (even if you wanted to). Personally, I remember sitting on the floor with an Allen Key, completely lost and just not knowing what to do with myself.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can get a slipcover, the options you have, and just how easy it is to put a slipcover on.

Where do I get an IKEA slipcover?

The answer is unsurprisingly: IKEA! Their slipcover selections are available alongside the sofa model on their site.

In an ideal world, you would be able to get your sofa *and* covers in the same place. While IKEA has stepped up when it comes to its slipcover selections, there is much room for improvement:

1. Your choices are usually between a plain beige, or an outlandish colour not many would consider.

2. Some sofa models just don’t come with slipcovers (the snug kind, at least). Did you know the IKEA Friheten didn’t originally come with a cover?

3. IKEA covers also get stuck in a vicious cycle of ‘sold out’ – because the sofa is just that popular. We’ve heard our own customers say that it takes months for covers to be available in-store.

What are the alternatives to IKEA’s own slipcovers?

The good news is that IKEA isn’t the only option around. Here at Comfort Works, we have a slipcover for just about any household. These are some customers we’ve heard from:

“We have an NYC apartment with a large dog and would love a slipcover for our couch”

Claw-proof Velvet is scratch-resistant, and has been proven to survive the claws of determined cats and dogs!

Perfect for: Fur-parents (and would-be fur parents if you’re planning on getting a pet!)

“My son will eat just about anywhere but the dining table, spills soda and leaves little crumbs all over our couch. Any suggestions?”

Performance Weave is nano-coated to repel liquids and stains – ideal for easy clean-up.

Perfect for: Active, busy homes (or just clumsy people, no shame there).

“I love napping and stretching out on my couch after a long week – I’d like something low-maintenance. Do you have something that doesn’t wrinkle as much?”

Comfort Chenille is ultra soft, wrinkle-free and keeps you at the right temperature, at all times.

Perfect for: Naptime enthusiasts and get-out-of-ironing opportunists alike.

Will I need to disassemble my IKEA sofa to put on the covers?

As with any of IKEA’s slipcovers, you will need to disassemble your sofa depending on the sofa model you own.

That’s not the case with Comfort Works covers, and we have our Signature Styles to thank for it. Designed with zero-disassembly in mind, our covers have never been easier to put on.

We’ve also picked up a tip that will help you get your covers on with ease, i.e. fitting your covers on while slightly damp. This will help the slipcover go on without much resistance – giving it the ideal, snug-fit finish.

What if my sofa has been discontinued?

Don’t worry: we make IKEA covers from a mix of currently-available and discontinued sofas.

If you happen to own an IKEA sofa that we can slipcover and it isn’t on our site just yet, we’d be more than happy to help (in exchange for your sofa measurements, of course).

Now that disassembling your IKEA sofa is a thing of the past, it’s time to consider ordering that slipcover.

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